At Life, Business & Wealth Accountants we assist individuals with the preparation of their personal income tax returns. We help individual clients legally minimise their income tax liability and implement tax effective strategies like negative gearing to help them grow their personal wealth.

It’s the time of year that we love to hate. Unfortunately, it’s a reality we can’t help you avoid – but what we can do is make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

We know that people dislike filling out endless forms and making sure you have the correct information can be gruelling and time consuming.  So, we have made the process much easier and created the tax return checklist to ensure that you will not miss out on any deduction that you’re entitled to and you will receive your maximum refund.  Every income tax return is different, and we ensure to maximise your return.


LBWA offers complete accounting solutions and tax return advice for individuals. Whether you are an employee that needs a simple tax return or are someone that requires a complex tax return that involves Investment Properties, Capital Gains Tax or multiple income streams.  We are here to help people grow their personal assets in the most tax effective way.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and friendly service.  We will take the time to talk you through any questions you may have, making sure that you are maximising all your deductions and improvising the best Tax Strategy for you.  And explain any tax laws to you in an easy to understand language and will take the time to explain to you your obligations as well as available deductions.

We look forward to dealing with you over the phone or via the internet (by email or video chat) should you live too far away to travel to us. Our level of service and commitment to providing you with the best advice is our priority, no matter where you are living.

Our Personal Approach

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to accounting and taxation. We will help you prioritise your goals and then recommend the most appropriate solutions.  Our goal is to provide you easy to understand, ethical advice and strategies to help you navigate through to your taxation.

Our Fees

We operate on a ‘everyone’s circumstances are different’ basis. Your first initial appointment is free. Whether it is via phone, zoom or in person.  If you would like us to give you quote, please contact us.